Chickering & Mackays antique rosewood travel chest




Antique travel chest with renowned Boston, Massachusetts based piano makers Chickering & Mackays brand plaque.

This chest is made from Brazilian rosewood, has brass handles and a name plate and key entry of a material we can not identify for certain.

It has a removable insert that can store small items, beneath it is an area that was probably used for clothes and sorts.

The name plate on the tops states this chest once belonged to a Margery D. Westcott. The plaque on the inside with Chickering & Mackays is a name only used between 1839 and 1841. We could not get any confirmation if this piece was in fact manufactured by the piano maker from or if it is a later manufacture out of materials from a piano. The type of rosewood used is very similar to that used in the pianos of Chickering & Mackays so both are possible.

The chest is in a good condition. There were some repairs done on the joints of the plinth. The edges of the top have a few dents. Overall it’s in a good condition.

60 cm wide
41 cm deep
38,5 cm high

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