AB Markaryd ‘V 180’ wall sconce – Hans-Agne Jakobsson




Rare wall sconce designed by the famous Hans-Agne Jakobsson for AB Markaryd of Sweden in the 1960s.

This lamp is made of brass and a thin smoked glass shade.

The lamp is in very good condition, the brass is patinated all around and gives this lamp its authenticity. The glass shade is of a light smoked colour, and is in excellent condition. The large platter behind the shade has a good patina, with a nice curve right around the shade. There are some scratches near the bolts that are used to attach the platter. There was a little piece taken from the bottom of the wall mount, to let a cable through. This has been filled with a small piece of brass. Please see the photos for this.

Platter: 30 cm diameter
Shade: 14 cm diameter
21 cm deep
35 cm high

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Markaryd 'V180' wall sconce - Hans-Agne Jakobsson_3
Markaryd 'V180' wall sconce - Hans-Agne Jakobsson_8
Markaryd 'V180' wall sconce - Hans-Agne Jakobsson_7
Markaryd 'V180' wall sconce - Hans-Agne Jakobsson_9