Raak set of three ‘C-1556’ gold/green wall lamps




Set of three wall lamps by Raak Amsterdam of the Netherlands.

This set is made from bent steel plate and shaped in a very graphic design. The lamps are all labeled with a sticker identifying them as model C-1556, even though this is the same model number as another Raak lamp, we found that this other lamp changed its model number through the years and this one took its number after, or they were labeled wrong. All lamps have a switch at the bottom of the mounting plate, and the shades can be attached to ‘uplight’ or ‘downlight’. Strangely, they have a greenish colour when lit, and a more golden colour when switchend off.

The lamps are in fair condition. They all have scratches and other small marks in their lacquer, and some fading along the edges. They are all equipped with two E27 fittings and work as they should.

Dimensions per lamp:
27 cm wide
27 cm high
10,5 cm deep

Are you interested in these minimalist lamps? Or do you have any other questions? Please contact us via the contact form.

Raak set of three 'C-1556' gold_green wall lamps_3
Raak set of three 'C-1556' gold_green wall lamps_2
Raak set of three 'C-1556' gold_green wall lamps_6
Raak set of three 'C-1556' gold_green wall lamps_5