Vintage huge solid teak planter




Vintage planter, age and origin unknown. Presumed 1960s.

This unique vintage planter is made from solid teak boards and has a solid teak bottom, the base (strongly resembling bases used in the U+N series by Pastoe, however this base has no holes for any eventual screws or the ability to adjust its height, and is smaller than any base Pastoe ever used that has six feet) is made from black lacquered metal. The planter features three inner cast cement plant boxes that fit perfectly, they are 58 cm wide, 28 cm deep and 20 cm high each.

The planter is in very good condition. Some of the joints are not as tight anymore, but are still sturdy and solid. The wood is showing the nail heads used to join the wood together. We assume this is the original way it was done, considering the way it was designed. The base shows some signs of us and inconsistencies in the lacquer, but nothing big or notable.

186 cm wide
36 cm deep
47 cm high

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